Warmer Winters — Gifting newly-made, hand-knit warmth to neighbors in need

Volunteers from all over the country knit and crochet hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, and baby items for neighbors in need in Central Massachusetts. Warmer Winters seeks to warm hearts as well as bodies by recognizing the dignity of each recipient by attaching gift cards to every item. For many of the recipients receiving these newly made items it provides renewed self esteem.

Community Service For All Seasons — Warmer Winters leadership program

Warmer Winters mission includes educating community members so they are able to experience the joy and benefits of giving back. We are able to assist people of all ages to give back to their communities. The joy that they feel in helping others is an important attribute to becoming a well-rounded and engaged member of society. Also, the skills learned by working with Warmer Winters helps its volunteers develop skills such as interpersonal communication, leadership, organization, and management.

The ODK Klub — Overcoming disabilities through knitting

One of our unique strengths is empowering individuals with disabilities by teaching them to knit. Learning to knit and following through on a project provides a great sense of success for people who often feel undervalued. Giving back is especially important to those who feel they are served rather than serving their fellow man. In addition to feeling success through completing a project, people with disabilities who have learned to knit believe they have something to offer the community. Many of the people with disabilities who learn to knit become volunteers for our signature program, and involve themselves more completely with Warmer Winters.

CRSP: Creating a Renewed Sense of Purpose — Knitting education for elders

Our second oldest program is well-known to the communities we serve for giving elders alternatives to the many passive activities that are normally available. This program actively engages the elders in utilizing their cognitive and motor skills. Often times family members of our participants are pleasantly surprised at the level of activity their family members are able to participate in.

Beyond the 3 R's! "K" is for Knitting — Knitting education for school-age youth

This program is different within Warmer Winters as it is the only program that is focused primarily on youth. Not only do we teach knitting to children, but we also teach them the value of contributing to the community. As a result of the learning, these young people are able to focus, concentrate and follow through in all aspects of their lives. These classes are held at youth centers and public schools at the behest of the schools and community organizations.